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Inside Kaaba, the black stone of Mecca can be found. Thought by many to be a meteor fragment, the sacred stone is broken into three pieces and housed in as silver mounting. There are a number of conflicting legends about the stone. One of the most-repeated holds that the stone was given to Adam by Allah, and that it was originally light-colored but turned black because it absorbs the sins of those who touch it. original article..

see here how the Clouds form the name 'Allah' very clearly.
see also Nature miracles in Islam. for more proof of the profit.


tom freidman
tom freidman

Hanny Armanious (more on counterfeitnessfirst)

tom freidman

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'The masters'
"The women are the ones in charge now. They are suffering the most but they are the masters," Mr Alengo says, admitting the women are the hard workers.
The women seldom have time to sit and talk. They cook, clean, wash, care, fetch and carry - be it water or firewood or thatching grass.
They also make sure they are registered to collect their family's food aid rations, in case the men sell them to buy beer.
Feeling more empowered, the women say wife-beating is now less of a problem.

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howard i question your intentions.

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