cuneiform layoff

The following text is taken from one of many letters which were found on the dirt floor of a derelict hut in Tasmania and contains coincidental similarities to possible future events, only insofar as sharing place and name. The rest could be no further away from my sentiments of the coincidental present parrallel, and offence is not intended. It is reproduced here purely for it's merit as an historical curiosity.

My dear Lizzie,
We got your letter yesterday Was surprised immensely, but it is simply impossible for us to receive Annie. We are now in the bush living in a shanty which is not rain-proof … we have only one narrow passage for a kitchen. All the other rooms are bedrooms, no spare bed or bedding, not even a couch and very little food; bread and dripping and potatoes as our staple diet. I would rather Annie did not come to see me as she is more a stranger than my neighbours and poor as our home is, we try to be content and do not wish to be agitated by one outside our family circle. We have ceased to visit the outside world or receive visits. … We are now living in a shanty in the bush which is only fit for a cow shed. We have no spare bed. Every room is a bedroom and lets in the water. We have no substantial food to set before anybody and do not wish for any of our people to make us ask and by this sister, I like you, do not want anything but what God gives one. I have been denied the common comforts of life these last few years, but so long as I can keep to myself, I can bear it, but do not wish by moneyed relatives to humiliate me by this visit. Anne is no more like a sister to me. She has estranged herself by her selfishness in the past and I could not feel like having her an (??… of my shanty, even if it were suitable. … not for all the money in Tasmania would I have a stranger or disturbing element in my house. We have for years withdrawn from all society, even the churches, and never wish to re-enter it or receive visitors. Most of my people are as strangers and do not think as I do, so it as well to remain as we are and there then we cannot face outsiders. Annie has no family love for me, hence it will be no disappointment to her.

Original context lies here: and includes pictures of what appear to be precursors of the one-time pad.

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