Happy neu year

love to jah and all blessed

Also an open invite to all jah, and friends of Jah/ future Jah. To contribute to a revised version of the list project i did last/last last year as part of a Slave show at david pestorious in brizbaind, which also features in Natural Selection 5 (see link on side). Basicly this time the lists are not prescriptive at all, i just want as much stuff as posible, i no order or formation; a list of everything you consider good, okay, or amazing// intresting.

this list will take the form of a take away poster in my gertrude street show march 2nd, if i could get people's lists before feb that would be great! my email is moffarfarrah@yahoo.com.au

it's as open as it sounds, take time, or spend 5minutes, just get me content. It is all important!

xxxmerry new year c xxx


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