From : Ringo Customer Service
Sent : Saturday, 10 February 2007 6:44:05 PM
To : James Deutsher
Subject : Warning: Ringo Terms of Use Violation
Dear James::

Thanks for using Ringo. One or more photos or videos in your account have been
reported to our Customer Care team as offensive. We've reviewed the photo(s) or
video(s) and agree; they have been deleted.

Please help keep Ringo's community safe and fun and don't upload photos or
videos that can be perceived as:
* Offensive to the community
* Pornographic or sexually explicit
* Otherwise in violation of Ringo's Terms of Use.

We understand mistakes happen and would like to remind you of Ringo's Terms of
Service. If we continue to receive additional reports or locate inappropriate
content in your account we will be forced to terminate and irreversibly delete
your Ringo account.

Thanks for understanding and we hope you continue to enjoy Ringo!

Ringo Customer Care

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