The society I am dealing with never stops turning me in to a machine or the fuel for the machine. Worse luck, it seems I am living in this high-tech community in which one’s subjectivity is gradually being lost to the control of objectivity. I sorely feel that a part of me is going to be murdered, immolated and castrated by society. I am sure I am not the only meat on offer! The most desperate thing happening to me is the situation that causes me to watch the process of dismemberment of the body’s self’s and anima. How much have we been created and transformed by the media and technology in our culture? I congratulate myself, that as an artist I think I have not become a fatalist yet! But as a corporeal societal animal I am really feeling very gloomy about the current state of our times and the future. As a human being, I often feel in conflict with today’s human community. The tiger didn’t have the chance to know there is another gender of tiger existing, because people had their perfect plan. However, even if an animal knows, what can they do when a hormone is controlling them? So what about us? Can we know what is going on? The resources have never been so exuberantly in front of us under economic ‘freedoms’, but also there has never such mendacity. Everything is substituted by the economy, and without the economy nothing is allowed to exist.
Hao Guo, exerpt from, 'I don't want to be a Machine!'

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