Reading an interview with Werner Herzog, I was amazed at a situation he wanted to create. He has an ongoing facination with animals through his films; the monkeys in Agurri, roster in The White Diamond. Herzog found a man in the United States who bred huge poultry, in particular he had a rooster that was a real prize cock at something like 4 an a half feet tall. Realizing the potential, he contacted the owner of a miniture horse standing about 3 and a half feet tall. Herzog's vision was that a midget would ride the little horse while being chased around an ancient and towereing tree by the rooster. The breeder of the small horse would not go along with the idea because he thaught it was obscene. Herzog was declined his moment, and never shot it.

( sorry, I had to put this in. It came up under an image search for 'horse mdget'.)


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> LIV BARRETT said...

jesus second coming in form of hammer head shark, jas anyone informed le pope?

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