Gozer the Wagerian said...

There is no culture is my brag,
Your taste for bullshit reveals a lust for a home of office
This is the home of the vain!
This is the home of the vain!

I'm hittin fine models and stabbin punks with broken wine bottles
I beat chumps til they head splits, then break em like breadsticks
I sex chicks, I'll even fuck a dead bitch
Always sprayin Tecs, because I be stayin vexed
Some nigga named Dex, was in the projects layin threats
I jumped out the Lincoln, left him stinkin
Put his brains in the street
Now you can see what he was just thinkin
I'm chokin enemies til they start turnin pale
Satan said I'm learnin well, gonna burn in hell
Front and get scarred cause your rap style ain't even hard

I run with a thievin squad, and NONE OF US believe in God
Hey there fuckface!!
Hey there fuckface!!
There are twelve people in the world
The rest are paste
This is the home of the vain!
This is the home of the vain!

I just left the hotel amnesia, i had to go there
Where it is i can't remember,
But now i can remember...now i can remember
Hafta! hafta!
Message for yer! message for yer!
Called you on the phone no one’s home
Baby, why you leave me all alone
And if it wasn’t for the music
I don’t know what I’d do, yeah
Check it out
Too much reliance on girl here
On girls here, behind every shell-actor
Snobbier snobbier
Too much romantic here
I destroy romantics, actors,
Kill it!
Kill it!
Kill it a !
Kill it!
Kill it a !


jay said...

Like the blog, think I met some of you guys at the Camp Betty Procession.

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