Jah annual.

A print based publication of a limited edition of 100. Concerning the usual jah jah sphinx *open slather.
All are welcome to contribute. If you know of anyone else that would be interesting for the project please encourage them to contribute.
Max10 pages per person, but this can be separated into individual or smaller grouped themes. There will a chance to respond to the content of others in the second round of the editing process. That would encourage cross pollenization.
Text, essays, stories are also welcome in any shape or form with a departure point of *open slather. There is the possibility do a DVD component. Please send your contributions on CD as reasonable res files to world food studio level 4 Mitchell house 358 Lonsdale street, Melbourne 3000, Victoria, Australia.
The final format of print is to be designed by all participants. Any suggestions please post in the comments section of this post.

Dead line is November 1st .

*o·pen adj
1. allowing people or things to pass through freely
2. with the lid, cork, or other device removed or in a position that allows access to the inside
3. not sealed, fastened, or wrapped
4. with a part of the body widened or apart
5. having been unfolded, extended, or left apart
6. not trying to hide anything or deceive anyone
7. conducted in a public manner
8. ready and willing to accept or listen to something, for example, new ideas or suggestions
9. in a position where blame, criticism, or attack are likely
10. having no boundaries or enclosures
11. having no cover or roof
12. ready for business and available for use by customers or clients
13. accessible to all, with no restrictions on entry, membership, or acceptance
14. allowing all voters to participate, regardless of party affiliation
15. accessible to a particular group of interested people
16. ready for or available to applicants
17. switched on and ready to use
18. remaining undecided or unresolved
19. in a state of focused attention and alertness
20. with no restrictions on the period of use
21. very free or generous, especially with money
22. not having restrictions that limit activities such as gambling or drinking
23. unprotected by the assigned player
24. unprotected and exposed, with the skin cut, torn, or missing
25. free from blockage and therefore allowing unobstructed passage
26. with small gaps or intervals between the stitches or threads
27. not covered by ice or containing objects dangerous to shipping
28. not closed off at the end, stopped by a finger, or covered with a mute
29. mild and free of frost
30. publicly declared not to be garrisoned or defended in wartime
31. freely available without restrictions
32. active and with transactions being made
33. with wide spacing between printed lines
34. pronounced with the tongue low in the mouth and the lips well apart
35. used to describe a syllable that ends in a vowel
36. formed by two or more words that are spelled separately and without hyphenation
37. not having pawns as part of a file
38. having the front foot farther from the line along which the ball is to be hit than the back foot
39. used to describe the part of the field beyond the line of scrimmage, where a ball carrier encounters fewer potential tacklers
40. used to describe a mathematical interval that contains neither of a set’s endpoints
41. used to describe a mathematical set that has at least one neighborhood of every point within the set
42. used to describe a mathematical set that is in a complementary relation to a closed set

1. vti to change position or move so as to allow access, or to change the position of or move something such as a door or window in order to allow access
2. vt to remove or unseal the lid, cork, or other device that keeps something such as a container closed
3. vt to reveal the contents of something, for example, by removing its wrapping
4. vti to unfold something or spread it apart so that the inner part is revealed
5. vti to move apart, or move the lips or eyelids apart
6. vti to start selling, trading, or doing business or to allow clients or customers access in order to buy, trade, or do business
7. vti to start something formally
8. vt to start an active banking or investment account
9. vt to make an official and usually public declaration that something is now ready for use or in session
10. vi to start being shown to or performed for the general public for the first time
11. vt to be visited by the public, or become accessible to the public
12. vt to allow people free access when formerly this was denied or obstructed
13. vi to provide access directly to another place (refers to part of a building)
14. vti to become or make somebody ready to accept new ideas
15. vi to produce a downpour
16. vi to open out fully (refers to flowers or leaves)
17. vt to cause the bowels to evacuate
18. vi to have a particular value at the start of a day’s trading on a stock exchange

1. a competition or championship in which anybody, amateur or professional, can compete
2. a large and unobstructed outdoor space
3. the state of being no longer hidden or held back

*slath·er vt
1. to spread something thickly or excessively on something else
2. to use something wastefully (informal)

npl slath·ers
a large or generous quantity (informal)

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