Tunga - O NERVO DE PRATA [The Silver Nerve] (1987)

O NERVO DE PRATA [The Silver Nerve] (1987) — U-Matic — 20 min. Direction, Photography and Editing: Arthur Omar. Sculptures and Concepts: Tunga. Photography: Carlos Azambuja e Paulo Santos. Editing: Arthur Omar. Acting: Julita Sampaio, Jaqueline. Production: RioArte.
[Best Video Award at the FestRio, 1987, international competition. Best Video and Best Photography Awards at the Cinema and Video Festival of Maranhão, 1987.]

The unusual and paradoxical universe of artist Tunga is seen through his own sculptures, mixing archaic emotions and a light “high-tech” feeling. The spectator is thrown into a tunnel without beginning or end, where extremely unusual scenes involving Siamese twins tied by the hair and braided snakes take place

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