Animism Perverted

In both the proceeding films mickey mouse is a cog in the capitalist machine. He uses sacred music to charm the minds of other animals and control the laws of physics. He establishes undulations which resonate through seemingly unconnected objects and force them to gyrate to his will. A mastery which they seem to find pleasurable. They allow him to pervert their bodies into mere instruments in his infernal orchestra. This increases this modern day shaman's already great power which he uses in an attempt to solicit sex. Music and sex being the two realms in which the poor are truly talented. The yet to be named (and therefore rendered controlled) "Minnie" is more than a match for this hockey trickster her powers are less showy but infinitely more honed. Her mind is strong. Mickey will get nothing from her. His powers soon spiral out of control and problems ensue.

These are crypto-fascist fables and in "Steam Boat Willy" Mickey's ghandi like passive resistance to work is shown to be ineffectual and he is subsequently punished. However "The Plow Boy" sees him applying his mystical powers to serve the capitalist machine and being allowed to continue.

They are quite funny.

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