spooongeeeee r3


Lives Barrett said...

ai weiwei, latex honeys, stoned simpsons, slutty tattoos, game console bong, david beckham, animated doms, zhao zhao and tiny turtles.... who else could it be but JD??!
ps, i can't believe i've never seen that image of the stoned simpsons, i feel like i've been searching for it my whole life! tnxx, peass

Lochie said...

Fuck. From the Homer & Krusty bong to that Edward Scissorhands dress up who looks like Winona Ryder dressed up as Edward Scissorhands to the trio of Simpsons tatts, with a little bit of Snoop thrown in wearing a shower cap and carrying a Louis bag. You made me forget Obama won the election for a moment there.

DEUTSHER said...

peaces fan-clubxxx

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