tell me why you scream, explain thy reason of what if to become

 sjdjkdasdjasadckalkcnaslcnalksncasnca asaslkdjasd  alksjaosuar male model male model male modelA perculiar, defined look.

that marc jacobs shoot the boys in that marc jacobs shoot look like they're from the horrors, the horrors when they first started; their look. Perhaps not even actually, it was just a thought on a drive by glance

 Jack is running, fleeing
from Sally, she is briskly walking towards another male.

 A park in New york city boasts delicious hoppopotanous sculptures in a public playground for one to jump upon, climb, straddle, etc.

Tell me why you scream, explain thyr eason of what is if it is to become
and telleth one of
is something, much, anything, purpose, content, etc.

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