blu ? Ⓐ it is, it is a black dress on a clothes line trumpet An art of the too soon/L8 of A* - a double negative 2 x2happiness ∞ lens cleener sneezy o hamaham meaning and belonging sludge everything is are always oak (are u oakie Annie) dredge. Lights underpinned with their negative “full” records tickets ░ forever much now and then tick bug lice sans Po dressing gown Wieder Reparatur of time stiches snitch lawyer’s bro tie fluteir archaic laptop * honey Mozart cocaine -----------chocolate ants in braids like up a mountain (lips79 ) cutting bloody body drip drip drip drip drip dripdrip drip dripdrip drip dripdrip drip dripdrip drip dripdrip drip drip grafting other peoples blood blood let transfusion Mandelbrotworst bloody blod body mass bomb raids and sirens meds deres vandfald salts in the w o u n d s the wrapper the actor the model " bells" pill-potion-proposition or whatever now spell book web check tacts talc open blowse roquet ape shit djscream grandma’s house sticker widow frame window tattoo nasi gang tat cover up frosty glass pale opens 2 expose a mad scene 99 new ways to be, ways of living, loving, new, a new treacle runs down a window shaved ball Hamtaro ham radio………….. spat scalves tubes feed water through the veins of a dead body +rill overlord trap regicide layers of improvisational victimisation above response or responsibility (0= retweets :.1 favorite the flesh becomes a blue hue via a cooper dust film happy out of a box , unboxed, film edged out of technology by late capitalism last ditch attempt at ownership

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